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Night turns into day – a story written by artificial intelligence

Night turns into day and the fog patches over the lake lessen, and then the sun breaks through, making the whole scene glow golden-orange. The lake looks like a giant mirror, reflecting the trees and the sky and the tiny white-capped waves. The only sound is the buzzing of the mosquitoes and the soft sound of the wind in the trees. The island is so quiet. There is no breeze. No sound. No movement. I know it’s there. I feel it. I’ve been feeling it for months now, but today I finally see it. It’s a tiny, craggy island, no more than ten feet in diameter, and only a few feet above the waterline. It’s almost impossible to see. My eyes, my brain, my whole body tells me that it’s just an illusion. But I see it. And there it is. The island. I try to picture the island as it was. I try to remember it from that day when I first saw it. I remember the warm sun. I remember the grassy ground. The trees and the clouds and the wind. But I can’t remember.

Siebeneicher Claus

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