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Field of Thoughts

I took this photo from a car last summer, while going through some fields in Northern East France. I like sunflowers, but didn’t find the photo worth special attention… Until recently… Sunflowers fields are now invading the social networks, as a symbol of the latest humanitarian crisis. The dark sky here may not match the graphism standards of the moment, but it is aligned with my current feelings: fear, sadness and a lot of interrogations. Fear for my friends on both sides of the conflicts, fear for the future, fear for Humanity. Sadness for those who lost their lives, sadness for those who have to run away to protect their loved ones, sadness for those who are forced to fight in a conflict that is not theirs. A lot of interrogations about our society in general. Why are humans organizing themselves in societies that are putting so much pressure on them? Why are they accepting the propaganda of hate and exclusion? Why are they accepting to lose their rights and freedom in exchange for money and individual comfort? How did we get to the current situation?
Please open your eyes, think and act before it is too late…

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