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blind spot.

Dear Andrei, I’m afraid I have to say your last message has left me puzzled. In your e-mail of 7th May you had said it was perfectly okay for me to trust Ms Yegel.
And I quote: “She’s cool, she won’t try to pull off anything strange, she’s a solid character, she’s there for you.”
You never used the word “trust,” but short of that, you’re saying she’s a person I can rely on. To my regret, however, it appears to me I have strong evidence to demonstrate that she doesn’t have the qualities you seem to believe she does.
I am not at liberty to provide you with specific proof to justify my point, but you know me: I don’t say things I’m not absolutely certain of. I’m not blaming you in any way. I understand you acted in good faith and I assume you said what you said because you were fairly sure of what you were saying.
I am simply trying to point out that the next time, should there be a next time, you express an opinion on someone, you should, I believe, be more careful in forming such an opinion. As for trusting someone, relying on a person or believing in anyone’s integrity, I think — for the time being at least — I should go with what I gather from a person’s behaviour myself, however limited such judgement may be. I’m genuinely grateful to you for your past efforts to help me guide through the maze of the human character but it seems going forward I should do without external assistance. Best,


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