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the sheperd.

The Lord has his mysterious ways. The other day He put me on the wrong subway line. He sent me uptown on the 4 train, although I should have been on my way south, to Brooklyn. But I accepted His judgement and embraced His wisdom. I was at peace with His seemingly erroneous choice of direction and ignorance of New York City public transport. As my train was reaching the Bronx though—with humbleness of the soul and humility of the mind—I did plead with Him and begged: But Lord why? Where have I erred? Why are you sending me the opposite way? And the Lord said unto me via the car’s speakers: Well, I gave you eyes to see, a brain to think and the power to read the written word and yet what do you do on Lexington and 53rd? You take the train to the north! Now go and repent, but first change direction towards Borough Hall! And those were the blessed words of the Lord. And I cried out: Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! And I got off the train and on the platform I began to sing my praises to him for righting my wrongs and setting me on the good path until security made me move along.


Enthusiastic photographer. Loves stories too.