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point of order.

“You’ve set the alarm for 6.31am. I saw the numbers on your phone.”
“Yes. Half past six is when we have to get up.”
“6.31am is not half past six. It’s later. It’s another time.”
“Come on, the counter ran over one minute as I was punching in the numbers.”
“Can you reset it?”
“You’re kidding me.”
“No, I’m not.”
“One minute. Seriously?”
“There was a specific reason why we decided to get up at half past six sharp tomorrow morning. We agreed on that time. Not observing that agreement means we can disregard any other agreement we have between us. Break one rule and you can break any other rule. Create a precedent and you can breach any compact you once thought was in existence.”
“Just hug me, say good night and be quiet, okay?”
“Reset your alarm or I’m setting mine for 6.30am.”
“Do you realise we’ve already wasted more than a minute…”
“Reset the thing and shut up then!”


Enthusiastic photographer. Loves stories too.