Questions & Answers

What is a Photostory?

A photostory is a term in visual storytelling that is a combination of a real or fictitious story and a related photographic image. Emerging from earlier short story and therefore oral storytelling traditions in the 17th century, the photostory has rejoined with photos making it exceptional in a sense that one may utilise both oral and visual senses while reading.

How can I submit my own story?

Submitting is very easy. Just watch our intro video or go directly to the story writing page.

Give me a reason why I should join Worldly Photos

Nope, we give you nine reasons.

How are the stories on the front page chosen?

The front page slider showcases the 10 most popular stories at the moment. The popularity is based on the number of shares in social media.

What does the free editing and writing support mean?

If you purchase a Golden Crane Membership, you can choose to have three stories per month edited by our professional editor. The story will be automatically published when the editor has finished the work.

Why is Worldly Photos a curated website?

Before stories are published on the Worldly Photos website, an anonymous review process is applied to ensure our high quality standards.

What is the order of the small photostories on the front page?

The newest photos are shown on the small images of the front page.

Can I buy one of the stories?

Yes, you are welcome to buy individual stories. There is a shopping basket after each story. You can send us a request and we make you an offer which suits your needs.

Are all the stories reviewed before publishing?

Yes, all the stories will be reviewed (anonymously) to make sure the high quality standards are met.

Is there an APP for photo

For iOS, you can easily add it to the home screen: Add to iOS home screen. Other options will follow…

I have published my story, but instead of my name there is “PHOTOSTORY BY: STORY AND PHOTO LOVER?

Yes, this is correct. To have your public name (chosen in profile settings) mentioned with your story, you should consider upgrading to CREATIVE ARTIST & CHANGEMAKER or GOLDEN PHOTOSTORY CRANE. This would also allow you to publish more stories.

How can I cancel my PayPal subscription?

You can cancel your subscription any time through your PayPal account.

I really like this website. Is there a way to make a donation to support the platform?

Yes, we are very happy to welcome donations to support Worldly Photos. You can contact us by email for more information.