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We believe that powerful photos and stories can change the world, and inspiring others is our life goal. To make sure you understand the possibilities and the special opportunity that lies in front of you, we wanted to clarify the main reasons for you to join the photostory community.

1. Combining photos with stories – new recipe for success. This new trend is emerging and there is undeniable evidence promoting the combination of photos and stories: photos are simply stronger with stories and stories have a bigger impact with a photo. Expecting qualityto ensure the best experience for our readers, writers and photographers, Worldly Photos is dedicated to publish and share short visual stories made for our new modern lifestyle – with a purpose.

2. Time well spent. Worldly Photos doesn’t waste your time! Unlike social media platforms, Worldly Photos is a curated website accepting only high quality photos and stories to make sure your time is well spent and you’ll have an enjoyable experience in our online gallery. As a photographer and/or writer, you can also be confident that your work is valued and presented with your best interests in mind; the website is carefully designed to promote the unique visual and emotional reading experience.

3. Want to inspire others and change the world? If you believe that powerful photos and stories can have a positive impact on others and change lives, we are happy to welcome you to our photostory community to share this message and to make a difference. By sharing stories, we can motivate and wake up the dead, we can spread knowledge and raise awareness, we can create smiles and help with sorrow, and we can lift our heads into the clouds and write about a better future… This visual storytelling site is made for you who have the courage to imagine, believe and act!

4. Fair trade. We know it’s difficult to exhibit work and find the right audience, no matter how amazing photos you’ve taken or stories you’ve written. This is why we want to make a fair deal with you! We will provide you worldwide audience and you will promise to show us the best work you’ve got – this way we will both win! Let me explain what this really means… Worldly Photos offers you:

  • free exhibition space
  • publicity through online sharing, newsletters and digests (=free marketing for worldwide audience)
  • publication in photostory books
  • market place to sell your work
  • possibility to advertise your website and skills

5. Premium services. To make sure your stories are as good as you wish them to be, our premium services offer writing and editing assistance to perfect your stories (Golden Photostory Crane -membership). Furthermore, premium members are eligible for surprise discounts on photography equipment and programs to encourage self-improvement and even better photostories.

6. Creative journalism and visual storytelling at its best. There is a hidden storyteller in each and every one of us, and we want to make sure that the world hears your story – the real story. We also know that stories will empower photos and give them the biggest chance to succeed and reach the eyes and ears of the world. Worldly Photos is your chance to join the movement of creative journalism and visual story telling – let’s shake the world and make it better together by telling powerful stories!

7. Weekend challenges designed for you. We understand that not everyone is passionate about both photography and writing, yet it has been proven that photos and stories together raise the audience experience to a completely different level. To overcome this challenge, we decided to create a bridge between the two groups! During the weekend, you can choose to write a story for a photo or to match your photo with a story. You are also welcome to submit a story or a photo for our pools to challenge others; both the author and the photographer will be credited, of course. These challenges are simply addictive. 

8. Our users love the photostory community: “The website was so engaging and harmonious. It was like jumping into another world and I felt somehow peaceful while reading and surfing around the site; it was so addictive that I couldn’t stop reading… and it was wonderful to see great photos of such diverse topics in one place and easily accessible: people, places, nature and even feelings. I cannot wait to come back!”

9. Support for world saviours – NGOs and other non-profits. We’re not joking when we talk about changing the world. In addition to free publishing rights, NGOs and other non-profits are welcome to apply for free premium services and share their knowledge on important causes. Photostories are a perfect way to spread awareness and to get people involved in important causes.


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(Knock, knock.) Oh, I haven’t seen you enter. (Knock, knock.) Okay, so you’re here. Yes. What you up to? *** Crossword puzzle. It’s all solved. I know. Did you solve it yourself? No, I found it on the subway. *** You brought it home? Yes. Some of these are good clues. Clues or answers? Both. …

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Faceless (written by AI)

Lost my face again? No, no, it’s just, my tears, they … they don’t stop They just keep coming, coming, coming. It’s so good to just cry It’s so good to cry it all out Well, I lost my face, too. There were so many injuries. I’ve got a hernia. There’s a hole in my …

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the light that always flickers in the hallway. tonight it was on.

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The apartment was boiling hot despite the industrial fan I had semi-legally installed in the sash window overlooking the fire escape, plus my neighbour’s domestic helper was busy cleaning, which meant excessive noise until 6 P.M. So I decided to walk to the bar, three blocks from my place. I was after a drink and …

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since you’ve asked.

Fear. Gratitude. Fear of the familiar. Gratitude for the pain. Is this commitment enough?

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The Last of the Mohicans

A long journey has come to a stop. The soldiers must be hungry. The rain is so loud. The air so cold this morning. The trees are so many. I know they won’t attack me. For they know that I will not give in. And I will give them nothing. They are in my power …

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The tree (another story told by AI)

The tree was in love, it started blooming, it was waiting for spring to get the best of it. So I thought it was time to show it off. It’s a beautiful tree, it’s the Queen of the forest, the magical woman, the one who can take you to the world of fairies and pixies, …

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thick red dominos.

I called out to you, “Hey, Gareth.” And you said your name wasn’t Gareth. I said sorry and that probably I had forgotten your name. You were not upset. I didn’t think you were, in any case. At the time we still put on heavy coats when we left the house. * Later—quite some time …

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Field of Thoughts

I took this photo from a car last summer, while going through some fields in Northern East France. I like sunflowers, but didn’t find the photo worth special attention… Until recently… Sunflowers fields are now invading the social networks, as a symbol of the latest humanitarian crisis. The dark sky here may not match the …

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on the prowl.

Past the barber shop, on the left, that street with piss and pretty-trimmed trees trimmed to a perfect square, an abandoned house, the sign above the door says “Newsagent,” some of the letters missing, so you see a man sitting on the doorstep, he’s always there, must live in that house, he’s on the phone, …

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Sheep of Iceland

Days are getting longer. This is my favourite time of the year. I prepare to spend the summer outdoors. To connect with nature and all its colours. Geysirs, lagoons, waterfalls and rivers Volcanoes, mountains, lava fields and glaciers. In Landmannalaugar I love wandering Sterns, falcons and horses I am greeting. I also sometimes encounter this …

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Real or unreal – who can say?

Sunday, October 24, 2010 A life of being, and yet being not, and of being in this life, but not being here. In the following days I feel like I am having a conversation with someone. It seems as if I am waiting for something to happen. I am waiting for something to be there. …

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They came from far away – a dialog written by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

They came from far away, and yet they were right here. I know they were. I saw them.”/ “You saw them?”/ “I know it sounds crazy, but yes. I saw them.”/ “What did you see?”/ “I saw a giant. A giant. I saw a giant, and he was looking at me.”/ “Where?”/ “He was here.”/ …

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Life is in the Air

“I’m doing it again,” he said. “I’m going back to the library.” / “The library’s not a bad place to be,” she said. / “I’m not going to look at any books,” he said. “I’m going to look for the picture.” / “The picture of what?” / “The picture of the secret of life,” he …

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Night turns into day – a story written by artificial intelligence

Night turns into day and the fog patches over the lake lessen, and then the sun breaks through, making the whole scene glow golden-orange. The lake looks like a giant mirror, reflecting the trees and the sky and the tiny white-capped waves. The only sound is the buzzing of the mosquitoes and the soft sound …

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Depths forever

Depths forever, there in the middle of the sea, The moon is high, and the stars are above. What is this place? What is this world? What do we see, or what do we know? The moon is up, it’s time to go to bed, But what are you up to, can I come? The …

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invariably complementary.

“Can I ask you a riddle?” “Go ahead.” “Do you like riddles?” “Is that a riddle?” “No. That’s a question.” “I like riddles. The good ones. Is yours good?” “It’s very good. Okay, here’s my riddle: I’m invariably complementary, dog-eared, I sit on a periscope and order vanilla ice-cream with hazelnut topping straight from the …

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When that infant two rows behind you keeps screaming its lungs out throughout the flight, across seventeen hundred miles. A brief pause every now and then, when exhaustion takes over. But you know it’ll soon start again. And you think: All that effort. For what? You can no longer recall where you boarded the plane …

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