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We believe that powerful photos and stories can change the world, and inspiring others is our life goal. To make sure you understand the possibilities and the special opportunity that lies in front of you, we wanted to clarify the main reasons for you to join the photostory community.

1. Combining photos with stories – new recipe for success. This new trend is emerging and there is undeniable evidence promoting the combination of photos and stories: photos are simply stronger with stories and stories have a bigger impact with a photo. Expecting qualityto ensure the best experience for our readers, writers and photographers, Worldly Photos is dedicated to publish and share short visual stories made for our new modern lifestyle – with a purpose.

2. Time well spent. Worldly Photos doesn’t waste your time! Unlike social media platforms, Worldly Photos is a curated website accepting only high quality photos and stories to make sure your time is well spent and you’ll have an enjoyable experience in our online gallery. As a photographer and/or writer, you can also be confident that your work is valued and presented with your best interests in mind; the website is carefully designed to promote the unique visual and emotional reading experience.

3. Want to inspire others and change the world? If you believe that powerful photos and stories can have a positive impact on others and change lives, we are happy to welcome you to our photostory community to share this message and to make a difference. By sharing stories, we can motivate and wake up the dead, we can spread knowledge and raise awareness, we can create smiles and help with sorrow, and we can lift our heads into the clouds and write about a better future… This visual storytelling site is made for you who have the courage to imagine, believe and act!

4. Fair trade. We know it’s difficult to exhibit work and find the right audience, no matter how amazing photos you’ve taken or stories you’ve written. This is why we want to make a fair deal with you! We will provide you worldwide audience and you will promise to show us the best work you’ve got – this way we will both win! Let me explain what this really means… Worldly Photos offers you:

  • free exhibition space
  • publicity through online sharing, newsletters and digests (=free marketing for worldwide audience)
  • publication in photostory books
  • market place to sell your work
  • possibility to advertise your website and skills

5. Premium services. To make sure your stories are as good as you wish them to be, our premium services offer writing and editing assistance to perfect your stories (Golden Photostory Crane -membership). Furthermore, premium members are eligible for surprise discounts on photography equipment and programs to encourage self-improvement and even better photostories.

6. Creative journalism and visual storytelling at its best. There is a hidden storyteller in each and every one of us, and we want to make sure that the world hears your story – the real story. We also know that stories will empower photos and give them the biggest chance to succeed and reach the eyes and ears of the world. Worldly Photos is your chance to join the movement of creative journalism and visual story telling – let’s shake the world and make it better together by telling powerful stories!

7. Weekend challenges designed for you. We understand that not everyone is passionate about both photography and writing, yet it has been proven that photos and stories together raise the audience experience to a completely different level. To overcome this challenge, we decided to create a bridge between the two groups! During the weekend, you can choose to write a story for a photo or to match your photo with a story. You are also welcome to submit a story or a photo for our pools to challenge others; both the author and the photographer will be credited, of course. These challenges are simply addictive. 

8. Our users love the photostory community: “The website was so engaging and harmonious. It was like jumping into another world and I felt somehow peaceful while reading and surfing around the site; it was so addictive that I couldn’t stop reading… and it was wonderful to see great photos of such diverse topics in one place and easily accessible: people, places, nature and even feelings. I cannot wait to come back!”

9. Support for world saviours – NGOs and other non-profits. We’re not joking when we talk about changing the world. In addition to free publishing rights, NGOs and other non-profits are welcome to apply for free premium services and share their knowledge on important causes. Photostories are a perfect way to spread awareness and to get people involved in important causes.


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in between.

“So, can you commit?” “Sure, I can commit.” “So, how do you commit?” “I brush my teeth every day.” “Is that a commitment?” “Best you’ll ever have.” “How?” “Leap of faith.” “What?” “You assume there’s a tomorrow.” “Ah. Ok.” “See?”

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I roam the streets and take candid photographs of people close up so I can see their faces clearly. I am putting together a collection of facial expressions. I want to create a manual for emotionally challenged people so they can use my photos as reference when they want to show emotion. I already have …

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It is grossly unfair that I have no clue what sound your front door makes when you shut it. I completely lost track of your shoe collection. I have no tactile memory of the furniture in your new home. Because I never had the chance to sit on that sofa. How dark is dark during …

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Flowers for you

They are for you! I don’t know if you deserve them or not. This doesen’t matter at all. I just offer you those flowers because I think they are contrasting with their surroundings the same way as you do.

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I once sat into one of those photomaton booths in a shopping centre, I needed a passport photo. I inserted the coins, smiled, then dropped the smile. The flash fired, there was some noise and I had the photos in my hand. Excellent pictures. Six identical, perfectly lit portraits, colours spot on. There was just …

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I am with you because I recently got dumped and I want to prove to myself that I can get back on my feet and get myself in a new relationship – of sorts. And that I can move in with someone so I don’t have to beg myself back to my mom’s place and …

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That strangely comforting feeling of losing words. Not missing them, though. They may be somewhere around, they just refuse to take any comprehensible form or shape. They elude you, while you have this firm suspicion that they’re actually there — hiding, perhaps. And you couldn’t care less, who needs them anyway? Yet you feel this urge to …

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three little pigs.

I guess, at the end of the day, it’s a question of self-confidence. When we were small, they always told us: you’re smart little piglets, you can make it! Work hard, apply yourselves and you’ll get there! And I thought: yes, and pigs will fly! Couldn’t be bothered, too long a shot. But two of …

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sun’s gone.

I wanted to leave a mark. Of any kind. For posterity, to get noticed, to stop being ordinary. But being lightweight, and close to insignificant in general, it was an uphill struggle. I did my best, though. I was left hanging behind the curtain — but also on the sunny side. Stuck is what I …

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Flowers for Friendship

In 2016, Belgium celebrated the 150 years of friendship with Japan by building a beautiful Japanese design from flowers. More than 100 volunteers assembled this famous tourist attraction in four hours. Every two years Brussels’ Grand Place gets covered by a flower carpet consisting of nearly one million begonias.

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Drops of Henna

Since ancient times, henna has been used to die skin, hair and fingernails. This natural red color is also popular in fabrics such as silk, wool and leather. Made of flowering plant, henna was originally found in South Asia, North Africa and Arabian Peninsula. It has kept a strong traditional value in weddings, and brides …

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Wardrobe of my life

It was not jealousy. Maybe a bit of admiration. But mostly it was inspiration. How a simple decision can lead to something extraordinary in life. You choose a design (goal), you pick a fabric (building blocks), you cut the pieces and position them (strategy), and you sew everything together (journey to success). Why don’t we …

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trust me.

«You are unique.» «Seek your own way and look for a path that’s calling for you.» These are things I used to subscribe to and deluded myself into believing. But then, coinciding with a set of upsetting, but in no way significant events occurring at a very particular time of my life, I realised that, …

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Frozen Path

Snow covered the ground. Soon the flakes would dance in the air again, but in the meanwhile a photo was captured. The French artist with a Celtic metal band had moved from the sunny Southern France to Nordic Finland. She had chosen, as her new album echoes, the frozen path. Like many others, she has …

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Wild and Free

They were blue, yellow and green. Moving so fast and smoothly. True freedom in Persian Gulf… they made me wonder how would it feel like to be a fish. Did they even realize their own beauty and the luxury of living without boundaries? Together they would swim from day to another, sometimes amusing the silly …

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