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Journal: Trip in Iceland with Photoresk, Day 3

On the next day, despite unfavorable weather conditions, our group drove to the North of Reykjavik towards the Snaefellsnes peninsula. On the way, we had several short photographic stops on the way along the sea side, mountains, horse ranch and several waterfalls. In the peninsula, we first stopped at the most famous site the Kirkjufell mountain. After a warm drink, we motivated ourselves to continue the expedition under the rain to see more viewpoints and waterfalls. We had to stop before the end due to an unfortunate incident
involving a car stuck in the mud. A brave experienced driver saved the car after some stress and emotions! But my best emotions of the day happened earlier at Kirkjufell site. After the mandatory stop at the photo point by the waterfall, we went for a hike up the hill opposite to the iconic mountain. I was not in good shape to walk fast and high, but instead took my time to observe and enjoy the view. Feeling the cold and wet air on my face, and enjoying again the vivid autumn colours make me feel alive and free, like the time has stopped and all issues of life are forgotten for a little while. Until I was reminded by some girls in the group that it is time to go down to meet the rest of the group again and move towards the next adventures…

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