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Directional time

We have had this thing for over twenty years. we have had it for a long time. it is our car. it stops when we come to a stop. it is our finger on the wheel. it is the only thing in the world we own, it is our way of saying we want to be here, wanting to be here as we stand here now, the only thing keeping us moving. it is our eyes—they are closed-fisted on the wheel like the night-simmering windows, where it is dark inside and dark outside the door. it is when we look at ourselves through the window that we see a black hole— it is the only way to be black.
I was seven years old when a fellow in a bus forced into town showed up empty- [AI]

Claus (c-7)

Technology expert, community builder, coffee addict red wine and food lover, traveller, photography enthusiast and a lot more. Recently experimenting AR/VR model and image generation and AI generated text and poems.