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Then the white turned into blue

Then the white turned into blue and the sky began to fade. It was a slight kiss of rain. The center of the place was the most vivid. It was some kind of holodeck simulation. The one-person, glass box seemed to be floating in space in the middle of the room. In the glass box was some kind of ship made of some kind of blue metal. The ship was heading away from the red star. It was headed back to Sol System. There was another ship in the ship’s hold. It was a big ship made of light blue metal. The captain’s voice came over the ship’s speakers, “All right, all right.


EuropasFarben – Colours of Europe What is beauty, the location the object How does beauty come about, how does beauty come about in nature? What role does the object, the location, what role does theColours play? The works from the EuropasFarben – Colours of Europe collection show this in a wonderful way. Developed from an experiment, a special photographic technique combined with a reduction and concentration of perception on natural colours and gradients. The beauty of nature, the play of colours, detached from the object. Balance and diversity.