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“You don’t think we should’ve taken the other other road? The one to the south? Not the 280 the GPS suggested?”
“The GPS didn’t ‘suggest’ it. It’s a technological marvel that uses an incredible amount of science and a bunch of satellites to put you on the right route.”
“The other day it brought us to a concrete wall behind a shopping strip and the lady said we still had ten miles to get to our destination. There was an actual desert behind that wall.”
“That ‘other day’ was about two years ago and the location was a brand new development, the GPS maps didn’t know about it. The ‘lady’ certainly knows about this particular road we’re on, it’s not that she has an issue with the 280.”
“We should’ve taken the 280. But it’s okay, we can always turn back.”
“Turn back? What the hell for? This is the right route, we’re headed to where we’re going.”
“Well, we’re sure ‘headed to where we’re going.’ I wish I wasn’t, though.”
“Was that an attempt at a joke? Irony? Tryin’ to be cute?”
“Water off a duck’s back.”
“Come again?”
“Like teflon. You ever seen it? Roll down?”
“Can you just keep quiet and drive? Please?”
“A duck’s back. Teflon. Hy-dro-pho-bic. No stick — a very happy pan.”


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