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Bluebells on the forest ground – a story written by artificial intelligence

[AI] Bluebells on the forest ground. Little flowers tinting everything blueish.
Butterflies flitting here and there, searching for the best spots to sit and enjoy the day. And this morning, in the very early morning, I woke up to this beautiful sight. And you know what? I woke up thinking about these beautiful bluebells and butterflies, and I found myself smiling. I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog, and how I’ve been using it. The first few days of this year have been good, and then I hit a low. I’ve had a few days where I’ve felt uninspired. And then I’ve had a few days where I’ve felt like I’ve been writing the same things over and over again. And I’ve been wondering if I should keep this blog going. But then I saw these bluebells, and I started thinking about how I’ve been feeling, and how I’m feeling now, and I thought “Hmmm, I’m feeling better now, and I’m feeling like I’m writing more about what I’m feeling. And I don’t want to stop./ I’m going to keep writing about my feelings./ I’m going to write about what I’m thinking and what I’m feeling./ And I’m going to write about the butterflies./ The bluebells./ The morning./ The day./ The week./ The month./ The years./ The life./ And the way I feel./ And maybe, just maybe, I’ll write about my kids. And I’ll write about how they’ve changed my life.