Weekend challenge

It’s exciting! It’s new! It’s where pictures become stories and stories find a picture. This is a meeting place for photographers and writers. What will be your story? What will your photo match?

Let the challenge begin!

Worldly Photos introduces a weekend challenge which encourages creativity and imagination. Every weekend between Friday and Sunday at a secret time we open our picture and literature pools for you. There are five challenge options from which you can choose and you can change your preference weekly if you wish. The challenge will be sent to your email and you are given only a few hours to take action. The winning posts will be published on Worldly Photos website for everyone to read and enjoy. Your options are to:

  1. write a photostory
  2. write a story for a picture
  3. send a photo to the picture pool to find its matching story
  4. send a story to the literature pool to find its matching photo
  5. match one of your photos to a yet unknown story

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We believe you can inspire and change lives of others. What would be a better challenge for your weekend?

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Propose themes for the upcoming weekend challenges and hundreds of storytellers and photographers will follow you! Be creative, find a theme that can lead to exciting and wonderful stories and photos.

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