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Spooked Butterfly

“Good morning,” they wished to each other. “What a lovely day, don’t you think?” continued the blue one while stretching her little wings. “I thought of visiting the red rose in Ms Potter’s garden, she looks so gorgeous and delicious in sunny days like these. Would you care to join me?” replied the spotted one eagerly. The blue butterfly nodded compassionately. Ms Potter’s roses were famous among the butterflies of Windermere, and some had even injured their wings while fighting for their favourite rose. “I think I’ll look for a new garden, one with even bigger roses, and no one poking my butt!” announced the blue one firmly, now washing her feet. The dotted butterfly didn’t reply, but looked disappointed. He couldn’t imagine anything better than his own red rose, what was his friend even thinking about going exploring new gardens? He wished a good day and left the blue butterfly suddenly, startled by an idea of adventurous thoughts being infectious.

Oona Maria

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