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Beyond the stars…

Photography is often referred to as the art of “catching the light”. In most cases, that moment only happens in a fraction of a second. The art of catching “that light” it’s not only a way of feeling, touching or loving. We can also use it like an open window to see beyond the stars and therefore beyond our imagination, beyond our self-conception of the world. Where are we going? Where are we coming from? Each time I Iay on the grass to watch the stars, I feel like I have thousand more questions 🙂


Furry traveler raccoon with a camera ??, I have a photographic memory, the only problem is I’m usually out of film :). Astrophotographygeek, cocktail Master General, runner, chocolativor, oldies songs addicted, creative, passionate, curious, risk taking ? België - Leuven | FR-UK-NL-SP