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I didn’t find nothing – a story written by artificial intelligence

[AI] “Don’t lie to me.” “I didn’t find nothing!” “We got a tip, and we’re gonna follow it up.” “Get in there!” “Come on.” “That’s it, get in there.” “Damn, you got a tight grip on this.” “I’ll get the door.” “Where are we going?” “I’m driving.” “I don’t think that’s a good idea.” “You’re right.” “Turn here.” “What are you doing?” “You’re supposed to be keeping the car running.” “I’m not used to this car.” “I thought I was a goner for a minute back there.” “You know, you’re not so bad.” “I’ll drive you around a while.” “What’s your name?” “My name’s Lawrence.” “I’m Lester.” “Nice to meet you, Lester.” “It’s a nice name.” “Yeah, you’re not so bad yourself.” “You’re kind of cute.” “I bet you get a lot of tail.” “Do you?” “I’m married.” “I got a wife and two kids.” “What about you?” “You got a wife?” “Yeah.” “How many kids you have?” “Four.” “You got four kids?” “You’re all alone?” “Yeah.” “What about your family?” “What do you mean?” “You know, your wife, your kids, your mom.” “Do you see them?” “I see them.” “I mean, you know, we talk on the phone.” “How come you don’t see them?” “You know, it’s hard to explain.” “You just get busy, you know?” “I know what that’s like.” “My old man was busy all the time.” “I never met him.” “He died before I was born.” “

Claus Siebeneicher

Passionate about photography