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And then you said that despite early failings and pathetic attempts, it is indeed the proletariat in the purest Marxist sense that must push society to an acceptance of inclusive poverty. And then I said it is precisely that lucid uncertainty so aptly embraced by pseudo-elitists in search of their own convictions that will lead to a past-revolutionist void so un-present except in failed meritocracies. And then you said interrogation without elimination is not what Hegel should be remembered for. And then I said of course not, but it was you who claimed to be the sole follower of petty myths and genuine misconceptions. Then you said you’d never said that. Then I said you had or at least implied by that silly face you sometimes pull. And then you said there was nothing to harvest in the garden of mischief, which I totally could not relate to. And then I said I needed a lift to my beautician. And then you said the car’s broken down so it must be the scooter. And then I said whatever.


Enthusiastic photographer. Loves stories too.