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unforgettable Ella

We either didn’t know where Ella was born nor exactly when. It was said that she probably was a Podenco mix from Spain. We’ve found her in an animal shelter where she was waiting for a family to give her a home. She was found tied in front of a supermarket where somebody abandoned her. Ella joined our life for 5 years.
The picture shows her in the age of probably 14 years on her very last day of life in France on a beach in the south where she was busy chasing sticks and shells in the sand as if she’d been a puppy again. She suffered from cancer and she’s been so skinny and her poorly fur almost couldn’t cover her skin. But despite her weaknesses she enjoyed life until her very last day.
The next morning she wasn’t able to stand on her paws any more. Her eyes got blind and she even wasn’t able to drink some water. So we found her a vet to put her to sleep and finally give her the rest she needs. She patiently died in my arms.
She’s been a wonderful companion for some precious years and we’ll never forget this lovely little girl who often made us laugh. R.i.p. little girl Ella


I am 57 years old and live in Germany. I have a grown up daughter and two grandchildren. Since I was a child I loved reading, listening to stories and I early started to write myself. On long dark winters evenings my mother used to read for us instead of watching television. It's one of of my precious childhood memories. Today I still love to know the story behind or if there's none to create one myself. When I was in my fourties I wrote a novel which I published myself because I couldn't find a publishing company. It's about the friendship of a young girl and a fairy. I love most fantasy, since fiction and historical novels.