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“Do you recall him?”
“Asher. Think that’s the name. Guy used to turn up at every party, back in college in Utica.”
“Naa. No clue.”
“Had the same exact story every time. About his older brother. Running some business upstate. How his dear brother made it in business. And made it big time. Told the same story to everyone over and over again. Every party.”
“So what?”
“Just seen him. Far end of the bar.”
“Again. So what?”
“Don’t know. Wanna catch up with him?”
“Is he fun?”
“Well, he has this story how his brother made it big in business somewhere upstate.”
“He loaded?”
“Don’t think so.”
“Guy says same story every time, huh?”
“Yeah. Very timid too.”
“Whatcha having?”
“Vodka and soda.”
“Okay. Whatever.”


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