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almost kitch.

“OK. So you go first.” —— “Well, why? You said we needed to talk.” —— “Yes. I did.” —— “Don’t worry. It’s OK. It has just so happened.” —— “It has. I guess. Natural course.” —— “True. It’s not us. It is just so.” —— “Right.” —— “Stupid Christmas always depresses me, anyway.” —— “It’s got nothing to do with Christmas.” —— “Now it does.” —— “Are those orchids fake d’you think?” —— “Orchids are always fake. They’re fake even when they’re real.” —— “I need some breathing space. You understand, right? I feel I’m in this crowd all time and it’s shoving me in all directions and I cannot even look around it’s so jammed full with bodies.” —— “I hope one less will make a change.” —— “You’re more than one. You’re half the crowd.” —— “That figures. Don’t push your napkin into the plastic bottle. They recycle here.” —— “Ah. Sure.”


Enthusiastic photographer. Loves stories too.