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I am with you because I recently got dumped and I want to prove to myself that I can get back on my feet and get myself in a new relationship – of sorts. And that I can move in with someone so I don’t have to beg myself back to my mom’s place and completely lose face yet again. And I do appreciate you took in my cat too. It’s a very convenient arrangement. And you’re kind of OK. And I am with you because you came onto me like no one before and I thought: what the hell. Especially because I can’t be bothered to actively look for a partner. Takes too much time and effort. You simply came my way. Well, I’ve figured part of your ambition was my apartment, but then again: what the hell. I sometimes wonder if I prefer your or your cat’s company. Indecision is what we are about. Lack of direction too. And trying to fit into god knows what. But we do look good together. The operative word being “look.” We’re a fairly incidental and unlikely couple that our respective friends gladly accept and they seem to fancy or company. If they only knew. A picture postcard we are.


Enthusiastic photographer. Loves stories too.