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saturday night.

I’ll have them done real nice. Takes time and money, but time I have and you’ll give me the money. And tonight I won’t go to the club with you. I’ll go home instead and admire my new nails. Red. Red as blood. The way I want ‘em. I’ll hang around the apartment and stare at them. Oh, I love ‘em! Will take a photo and post it on Facebook so that my friends can see my new red nails and admire them too! Won’t feed your cat, because it always scratches my hand and I don’t want it to ruin my nails. Hairball must wait. And I won’t fix you dinner tonight. Stove’s dirty and I don’t want muck to stick to my nails. Means I’m not having dinner, either. Might have a drink, though. That’s nail-friendly. You’ll have to make yourself something when you get home. And when you finally crawl into bed, don’t even think of putting your hands on me! Be a good boy, go to sleep! When you spend the night at the club, you’re rough in bed and I ruin my nails fighting you. Come near me, and you’ll see what my nails can do!


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