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The Crossing

Sailing to Iceland – end of May 2019
This was the first thing I wrote: “Boredom on the ship.
A 3-day ferry ride is awesome for those who have enough reading material with them. Water endless and a boring cloudy sky. When flying, you can at least chase a lot of films that are not really worth watching – at least they leave you with the satisfaction of not having wasted any other usable time.” But I have to put that into perspective now.
The people on the ship couldn’t have been more different. Back-packers, cheap crusaders, bus travelers, motorhomers, adventurers and ordinary people who somehow had to travel between mainland Europe and Iceland and the Faroe Islands.
My interesting encounters were Anne trying to cycle around Iceland and Arnie, an older Danish Icelander, trader, seafarer, fisherman and electrician – all in one person with many stories from his life. And plenty of time to talk. Looking forward an exciting summer in Iceland – the land of fire and ice, trolls, elves and fairytails.

Siebeneicher Claus

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