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“Hey. Thought you might be missing me. This is a photo of my class. Standing in line for a lecture of a super cool prof. Can you find me in it? Hint: Like Old Times.” These were the words, handwritten, on a small card that came with the picture in a regular envelope, no sender’s address. It was in Friday’s mail, but I only opened it on Saturday after my late breakfast. And then I spent the whole morning guessing. Who could’ve thought I might be missing her? Or him? No one I can think of. All the people that were close to me at any point in time in my life are either history by now or still in close contact. But even those I see on a regular basis would not miss me much should I disappear, let alone anyone I’m not too friendly with. No lost friendships or romances of any kind. And especially no one from the university. I know only two people who might have made it to a university, and they would certainly not assume I’m missing them since they know exactly what I think of them. Morons. And the super cool prof? That would make no sense in the first place. How can a prof be cool? They are profs precisely because they are totally uncool. Being a teacher is being condemned to eternal boredom and being boring. And what is this “Like Old Times”? Reminiscing is something I’ve never done and will not do as long as I am sane. Looking back? To what exactly? And, more importantly, why? Finally, I tore up the photograph and the note. I don’t like riddles like these. Must be wrong address.


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