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A Memory

What would life be without memories?
How could we survive in the present without the experiences we learned from the past? It seems so obvious for us that we don’t give much thought to it.
Memories are part of us, it is up to us to decide how we interpret them, what kind of value we accord to them and how long we want to keep, to indulge them. But no matter how hard we try, memories fade slowly and are sometime hard to recall.
Because we forget so much more than we remember.
Not much can be done about it, but there is still something that can help stopping the fading.
This help is called photography. Photography helps me to keep the good memories alive, as in the picture shown.
It is one of the evenings in Lesbos: I was surrounded by a great landscape behind me, the sea in front of me, and just in between is a swimming pool! I’m glad I took a photo of it… I know for sure, it was not a dream but real, and now it is a sweet memory.

Mr. Jan Brouckaert

I started my journey into photography at the age of 18. My primary interests in photography are portraits, landscapes, and any image in which i can capture feelings and emotions.