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Journal: Trip in Iceland with Photoresk, Day 7

Almost there! All good things come to an end and this day we are heading back towards the airport. But a lot can still happen in one day, the route is still long. The three cars travelled separately to meet again in the evening and celebrate the trip all together one last time, with style, at the Sky Lagoon. On the way, my group stopped at Vik, the southernmost town in Iceland, at Skogafoss again, had lunch looking at the Vestmannaeyjar islands and then crossed the mountains where we could enjoy one more time the vibrant autumn colours.
Skogafoss, after seeing it under the rain, it was that time lighted by the sun, showing us a magnificent couple of rainbows, far more impressive than the rainbow filters abused by some over the previous days. Going back to this site gives me the chance to share a story that happened the first time we went there. There is a staircase to climb the cliff and see the famous waterfall from above. I was willing to go there, but was not very fit at the time. I was about two third of the way when I got totally out of breath, close to give up and mad at myself for being that weak. “Almost there!” I heard these words, didn’t realize immediately that they were addressed to me. “Almost there!” a stranger woman said again smiling. And these few words gave me the motivation and energy to keep climbing until the top, that’s how powerful words can be!
The trip and journal are about to end, but I still have to tell you about the nights there…

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