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The troll of Barða­strand­ar­sýsla is nameless, but he has been seen casting large quantities of Jafna­deam, much as it is said in Tors­bard­ir, the troll’s fiery lair, to melt it. A land­mark outside Vís­holt lies where trolls were imprisoned for Jafna­deam. More likely, the trolls of Barða­strand­ar­sýsla did not steal Jafna­deam from anywhere. They took the work for themselves and stored it somewhere else. It has been conjectured that Barða­strand­ar­sýsla is at the very end of Vís­holt, close to a cave, where the trolls built up their stash over the course of decades. Jafna­deam is a toxin that causes boils.

Claus (c-7)

Technology expert, community builder, coffee addict red wine and food lover, traveller, photography enthusiast and a lot more. Recently experimenting AR/VR model and image generation and AI generated text and poems.