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Gone! Happy now

Gone! Happy now?” “I am going,” I said. “I shall not come again.” “No,” he said, “and you don’t understand. I’m not going to force you to
stay. I’m not going to try to explain to you. I’m not going to try to
make you understand.” “I know,” I said. “I know.” He turned away. “I am going,” he said. “I shall not come again. Good-bye.” He went out of the room. He came back in a few minutes with a large
leather bag. “This,” he said, “is for you.” He held out the bag to me. “The money?” I said. “You are giving me the money?” “The money is yours,” he said. “You mean you will let me have it?” I cried. “You will let me have
it–all the money?” He nodded. “There’s over three thousand pounds there,” he said. “I don’t want to
make a fuss about it. I don’t want to keep it here. I’ll let you have it
all. But I’m not going to let you use it for yourself. You must use it
to help other people. If you won’t let me help you, I’ll help myself.” “It’s yours,” I said. “It’s yours. Thank you, Dick.” “Good-bye,” he said. “I’m glad you’re going.” “Good-bye,” I said. “You’re not glad to go?” he said. “I’m glad,” I said. “I’m glad,” he said. He stood up.

Claus (c-7)

Technology expert, community builder, coffee addict red wine and food lover, traveller, photography enthusiast and a lot more. Recently experimenting AR/VR model and image generation and AI generated text and poems.