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Loss and rescue: An elderly refugee story

Aaid is 72, a Rohingya refugee. His wife and grandson were shot during the perilous journey from Myanmar to Bangladesh. During his get-away from men with knives, he saw a little boy crying along the street while there was a house burning nearby; the boy was calling for his mom and dad who were nowhere to be found. Regardless of his own loss and fear, Aaid did not hesitate for a moment: he grabbed the boy and has been taking care of him ever since. This was an act of a hero. A hero who had difficulties walking himself. A hero who could only bring the clothes he was wearing, and of his family only he and his daughter survived. But of the little he has, he’s sharing everything with this little boy that he calls John. A survivor. Rescued by Aaid. And they are inseparable now. I think Aaid is clinging on to love and hope, and John is holding on to ‘security and safety’ – which he only found in his rescuer Aaid. How unimaginable pain and loss became a story of love. Love that I would want to see more of in this world…

Medair - humanitarian relief organisation

Medair is a humanitarian organisation inspired by Christian faith to relieve human suffering in some of the world’s most remote and devastated places. We bring relief and recovery to people in crisis, We do whatever it takes to bring relief where it’s needed most. We provide a range of emergency relief and recovery services: Health care and nutrition. Safe water, sanitation, and hygiene. Shelter and infrastructure.