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They came from far away – a dialog written by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

They came from far away, and yet they were right here. I know they were. I saw them.”/
“You saw them?”/
“I know it sounds crazy, but yes. I saw them.”/
“What did you see?”/
“I saw a giant. A giant. I saw a giant, and he was looking at me.”/
“He was here.”/
“And you saw him.”/
“I saw him. I saw him.”/
“He was right here?”/
“He was right here.”/
“You’re sure.”/
“I’m sure.”/
“Can you tell me anything else about him?”/
“No. I just saw him.”/
“And he was right here, and he was looking at you?”/
“He was looking at me.”/
“And you saw him?”/
“He saw you?”/

Siebeneicher Claus

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