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Halloween Activities for Spooky Fun

Halloween traditions have origins in Celtic harvest festivals. However, in Denmark and other countries, Halloween is relatively new. It was in 1998 when Danish Newspapers began to arrange Halloween events. Since then, it has grown into a nationwide celebration. In search of activities to celebrate this spooky season, my boyfriend and I came across an organic farm located southwest of Copenhagen that fully embraces the Halloween tradition by welcoming visitors of all ages to self-pick pumpkins from the fields, among other fresh fruits, colorful flowers, and vegetables. With enthusiasm and a newly discovered pumpkin and figs pizza recipe on our minds, we set out on a 35-minute drive from Copenhagen to reach the farm. There were pumpkins of different shapes, sizes, and colors everywhere, some forming expansive patches, some already placed in wooden crates at the farm’s entrance. We picked three ripe, bright orange ones, each weighing around five kilos. We smile as we notice families engaged in the same activity, transporting their children and carefully chosen pumpkins in wheelbarrows. With spooky and undying excitement, our Halloween adventure continued with a visit to Tivoli, the renowned theme park in Copenhagen where we saw the true giants of Halloween – pumpkins. The largest of the ten pumpkins displayed in Tivoli weighed 784.8 kilos. Yet, the current record stands at 970,4 kilos. The sight left us contemplating the enormity of such record-breaking pumpkins.

Daria Antonescu