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portrait of two lions

On our daily sunset game drive, already circling around for quite some time. Suddenly the radio cackles, apparently there is a coalition of young lions on its way. We take up the hunt.
It is pitch dark, we feel we are alone with nothing but the sounds of the African bush. Suddenly our tracker switches on the spotlight. And there they are: three handsome young males walk directly next to our car – adrenalin levels are high! And then, luckily, they decide to flop down not far from us – the ideal moment for a portrait session.

karina robin

I think I was already born with a love for photography - my father was a semi-professional photographer. My own real passion started about 10 years ago, when I began travelling the world. Over time, passing by portrait and street photography, I discovered my real 'battlefield' wildlife photography. Nowadays I am most happy spending my time in the African bush.