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maybe the most misunderstood African animal

I must admit I have a soft spot for hyenas! As they are far from being the mean, deceitful and aggressive creatures from the Lion King.
When spending time observing a hyena family at its den, often we couldn’t stiffle our giggles at the cubs’ boisterous antics, chasing each other, gnawing small trees, jumping on the adults! We were amazed by the mothers’ patience, and the relationships between the different members of the clan. We found them loving, caring and incredibly social. Of course they are also merciless hunters and scavengers, the African predators with the strongest bite by far.
Precious moments in the African bush, brought back when leafing through my pictures.

karina robin

I think I was already born with a love for photography - my father was a semi-professional photographer. My own real passion started about 10 years ago, when I began travelling the world. Over time, passing by portrait and street photography, I discovered my real 'battlefield' wildlife photography. Nowadays I am most happy spending my time in the African bush.