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A Jockey at The Hubertus Hunt

The photo was taken at The Hubertus Hunt, an annual cultural event in the Deer Park in Klampenborg, north of Copenhagen. The park’s grounds were covered with a carpet of fallen leaves and the distant clip-clop of horses and cheers of families resonated through the air, setting the stage for a tradition that had evolved from a real hunt into a captivating demonstration race, with horses as the sole animals involved. Among the thousands of spectators, my boyfriend and I found our way to the most popular place to view the Hunt, a pond where horses and riders must first jump over an obstacle and then cross the water. Balancing on his shoulders, I adjusted the shutter speed and aimed my camera lens at the water crossing. The crowd hushed in anticipation, and I felt the thrill of capturing a moment that would soon unfold before us. Just as I clicked a few pictures, a sudden misstep sent both of us falling onto the grass.

Daria Antonescu