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It’s all about the people.

She was delighted to be photographed. She was even more happy to sell us tea. There were few trekkers in low season and her tea place was one of the few open. “Are other trekkers coming behind you?” she asked.
This lady here lived in the mountains with her husband and a fat dog. She lived off the tea and other snacks she sold to trekkers. But she offered something else: a smile and a human connection.
“Be careful, there is a landslide area ahead! Pass fast, cover your head!” she warned. It was our little moment of intimacy with her. Small and fleeting, but enough to mark that day.
Because there is little else which can turn around your day and make your travels memorable other than the human interactions you have. That moment when you locked eyes and laughed at the same untold thought, that moment when you talked for hours sharing your most intimate stories with someone you met that same day, that moment when a stranger held a hand out to help you when you were struggling solo, that is the moment you remember from your travels. Traveling makes you happy, but the people you meet give true color to your travels. What human connection do you vividly remember from your recent travels?

Miss Cristina Podocea

I am a visual person. When I was studying for university I would make visual schemes of my classes to be able to memorize them. I am also a story teller. As far as I can remember I would tell stories to myself in my head. Sometimes I will burp them out in my diary or to others and they will most times tell me: you should write a book! Sometimes, an image is a story in itself, but sometimes there is more behind the camera that cannot appear in the limited frame of the lens. Combining words with visuals it's magic! It is hard and demanding but inspiring and beautiful. It is art! And it is pieces of a soul. Let's live stories together