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Journal: Trip in Iceland with Photoresk, Day 6

That day we went to Jokulsarlon Glacier area. We did some photography stops on the way there, to admire some waterfalls and glaciers, and reflection of mountains and vivid autumn vegetation in puddles. While arriving on our main site for the day, the group split around to observe the glacier, its lagoon and the icebergs floating up to the infamous diamond beach, another black-sand beach where icebergs are washed ashore, looking like diamonds. A part of the group also went to visit an ice cave around the glacier site. The site is magnificent by its size, wilderness and uniqueness. And it was a place of unexpected uncounters. I was so excited to meet with several seals in the lagoon bay, they were teasing us by showing their head and diving again, swimming in all directions between the icebergs. Later, I also met with a kind lady from mainland Europe who left her job to travel around the arctic. This is a dream of mine and seeing it can be true was quite motivating! Then going to the diamond beach. It is famous amongst photographers, but I have to admit that I didn’t master the art there. Inspired by the seals, I went looking for animal shapes amongst the icebergs. At sunset, we headed back to the hotel, but not just to sleep, at night the show was going on…

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