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trust me.

«You are unique.» «Seek your own way and look for a path that’s calling for you.» These are things I used to subscribe to and deluded myself into believing. But then, coinciding with a set of upsetting, but in no way significant events occurring at a very particular time of my life, I realised that, without a doubt, all the above is complete silliness, zero substance, cheap and unsolicited wisdom. Let me be specific. You are not unique. And if you “seek your way” or “follow your path,” chances are that you’ll get completely and pitifully lost. Instead, always follow the crowd. Walk with it wherever it takes you and never mind the destination. Copy and simulate others. Adapt. Be on the lookout for ordinariness and platitude. Defy the temptation to act the least bit different. Subject yourself to the common will and embrace it as your own. Take solace in the comfort of the masses. Better yet, shed your identity and deny your personality. And if you want to call this “your own way,” then be my guest and enjoy.


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