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some of his thoughts during the game.

It’s a good position. I’ll win this game. And then I’ll be depressed. It’s a bad position. I’ll lose. But then I will know precisely who is to blame. Not me, for sure. I usually remember if play with white or black. If that Tuesday afternoon on the 17th of June 1986 I move queen to g5 instead of rook to e2, I would not be here now playing chess in the street. The longer I stare at the board, the more confused I get and the less I care about my next move. I’m a pawn at heart. I would be so ready to sacrifice myself for the queen. Not for her husband, though. My decisions are mine to the extent I make them my business, except for existential matters, where I refuse to get involved. When my grandfather let me win every game. Those were the days! What’s a legal move anyway? I want the pieces to have free will and move when and where they want. Pity you cannot have two losers in the same game.


Enthusiastic photographer. Loves stories too.