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the best option.

“Changes will be necessary and a person better suited than X”—I couldn’t catch the name because of the noise—“should be brought on board.”
I could see the hulking back of a patron, in a bar I regularly frequent, hunched over the only functioning payphone in the corridor leading to the restrooms. I sensed he was about to terminate his phone call and I was absolutely certain that no words of parting will be offered. He was about to hang up without saying goodbye.
“Alright,” I hear him say and the receiver is promptly cradled.
I slide off my stool at the bar counter and step over to him.
“You never said ‘Goodbye’,”—I confront the man.
He looks at me, like I was an unnecessary afterthought following a boring exchange of platitudes. He pushes past me and that’s the last I see of him.


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