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So how does it all concern me? Me, as a person who comes here to enjoy a beer and a cigarette? Why should I care about air pollution, animal rights, the Rohingya, Catalonia, gay marriage, silly Christmas, democracy in America, floods in the Philippines, sexual abuse in the film industry, whether shops are open on Sundays, if marijuana is legalised, whether man ever reaches Mars (alive), the difference between free-range eggs and industrial ones (they taste the same anyway), if the concrete shell around the Chernobyl nuclear plant will hold, how and why Michael Jackson actually died, if unsolved problems in mathematics will ever be solved (and how it would affect people without a degree), about those who believe in the immaculate conception, if my cell phone will cause me brain tumor, why I will never be able to afford a Patek Philippe, if there is any sense in astrology, why my mother was always so reluctant to tell me anything about my absent father, whether Einstein was smart or not and why I will never be able to comprehend the problems he seems to have resolved, not to mention the melting of the ice-caps (or is it only one of them, and if yes, which one?), or how I have to recharge my phone card once all the credit is gone. These things are puzzling at best, but most of them are annoying and they give me a sense of non-belonging. What I care about is if my beer costs 2 euros a glass or 2 euros and 20 cents. And not because I am tight with money. It’s the principle.


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