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polyester lining.

I have the one hand in the one pocket.
It’s safe there. Hidden from view.
Pocket will protect.
Dust in the bottom. Though.
My choice to touch the dust. Or not.
A hole, too, there is in the one pocket.
Stitching discontinued. Gone.
I can stick my pinky through.
Not my thumb. Though.
Not that big a hole, after all, I suppose.
I think I just found a button in the
one pocket.
Have it secured between the thumb and the index.
(To say the ‘one’ pocket is not correct.
I’ve been told.
But then, it’s really one pocket.
Not two or any other number of pockets.)
In any case, there’s a button in it.
Might fish it out later.
If I so deem appropriate.
I might, just as well,
leave the hand in the one pocket.
Alongside the button.
Must be careful. Though.
Be sure not to —accidentally—
push the button thorough the hole.
Once it’s down the hole,
there’ll be no way to retrieve it.
Short of slashing the jacket,
somewhere around the one pocket.
And that would destroy the
one jacket. (Yes, the ‘one’ jacket.)
So, personally, the button, the jacket,
the hole or the one pocket—
they have no particular importance.
Not at this point in time.
Only thing that connects them is
my hand, still resting in
the one pocket.
I must very carefully consider my options.


Enthusiastic photographer. Loves stories too.