more stories

here and hereafter.

Dear Zak,
Here’s a note and a photograph I found in a folder that I have reason to believe had belonged to your uncle.
Does this note make any sense to you?
What’s he on about?
And who’s the guy in the photo? Any ideas?
They’re both undated. Note and picture.
your A.V.
— . —
More hand.
More liver spots on the hand.
Filth under the nails.
Less hair on lower arm.
Fewer words.
Fewer teeth.
More spit.
Mediocre questions.
Clichéd responses, if any.
Don’t even consider a facelift.
Measure time by the millisecond.
Overcook everything.
Shuffle, not walk.
Gaze or stare, not look.
Heartbeat—too regular.
Is it possible to forget to breathe?


Enthusiastic photographer. Loves stories too.