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And in yesterday’s news:
Mr Zhou in the FedEx shop with the broken ATM swore he’d have the machine fixed in 24 hours. (He didn’t.)
The girl in the Poulette eatery says no special ¼ Chicken Deals after 3PM.
Bert at the bicycle repair shop hollers “Free air! No purchase necessary!” And I believe him.
And the lady in Custom Tailors was not available for comment but she waved me away form her shop window as I was about to snap a photo of the mannequin sporting a fabulous pink suit.
Our doorman, who wishes to remain anonymous, offered a dry “Garbage is on Tuesdays” — and I thanked him for that.
The shutters have been down at the pizza joint on the corner with 2nd for three nights in a row.
And Lori Bershkowitz never commented because I never asked her.


Enthusiastic photographer. Loves stories too.