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Mr. Dragon

There was a flash of red light. People stopped their cars by the road just to have a better look and reached out for their phones, but only I knew what was going on. He was back! After all these years, my friend Mr. Dragon had come to find me. When I was little, he would smile at me from the mirror and peak from behind the flower bushes. My mom always told me I was a happy baby, but she had no idea why (which I believe was better for her health, to be honest). Growing up I noticed Mr. Dragon getting restless, it was like he had this need to go and explore the world. I could see his magic disappearing and this made me sad; I knew it was time to let go. That night the sky had a flash of red light and I hadn’t seen Mr. Dragon since, until today.

Oona Maria

On a mission to inspire the world through photos and stories.