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So how do you handle pressure? I, for my part, sort of manage. Perhaps not this particular moment, but on average, I do just fine. I learnt to be strong and in order to survive I know I must hold on. Yes, I’m being pushed big time and all the time. That guy above me has chickened out and undid itself. And the one above it is in hiding, so you’ve no idea how he’s coping. Yep. I’m that shirt button, the one that’s barely holding on, but is desperately trying. Close to bursting off and letting it all go. Flying off wherever physics will take me. How nice that would be! Finally free! Rolling away on the floor, get trampled on, kicked around, ending up in dirt, muck and filth. But no more under pressure. No more doubt, whether I can carry the weight and go on notwithstanding. But for the moment I’m hanging in there. Don’t give up on me. Not just yet.


Enthusiastic photographer. Loves stories too.