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The tree (another story told by AI)

The tree was in love, it started blooming, it was waiting for spring to get the best of it. So I thought it was time to show it off. It’s a beautiful tree, it’s the Queen of the forest, the magical woman, the one who can take you to the world of fairies and pixies, to where you can find a magic tree. I have the best tree. I know you are going to be jealous, I know you are going to try to find out who the tree belongs to. I know you are going to try and dig it out of the ground and take it home. But you cannot, it’s mine and I have a perfect right to take care of it. But it has to stay there, in the ground, for now, in this garden. If I would give it to you, you would only be happy for a while, but you wouldn’t be happy. You would try to take it away and you would try to cut it down. And then you would be very sad and you would cry. I am not going to give it to you. So you have to stay there. For now, it’s the only tree for us, because it’s the only tree that gives us something to eat, to drink, to talk about, to laugh about, to share. It’s the only tree that can tell us stories about life and death. It’s the only tree that can give us comfort and courage. It’s the only tree for us, the only tree that we are allowed to admire. So we have to stay here, together, and enjoy this time together, until the tree grows up and finds a way to get out of the ground.

Claus (c-7)

Technology expert, community builder, coffee addict red wine and food lover, traveller, photography enthusiast and a lot more. Recently experimenting AR/VR model and image generation and AI generated text and poems.