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twenty laps.

It’s not the speed you want, don’t push it. It’s the calories burnt. I don’t need to have my beats per minute go through the roof, that’s not the point. Keep it around seventy to eighty percent. I want to feel those calories burn. Burn and disappear with the fat. This lap is almost over. And then I’m halfway through. My average is six-hundred and seventy-five kilo calories in sixty minutes. I wonder if today’s run is going to be over or under. I should find a way to maximise my calories consumption. Or just run more. Or do some other exercise too. With a body mass index of fifteen point five I think I am doing fine. People say I am super skinny and some think I have an eating disorder. “Anorexic,” said a colleague. Silly people. It’s disciple, that’s all. You must clearly understand what you deserve and consume accordingly. Your body will always want more but then you must be the master and tell it what it’s going to get. You can’t afford to lose control. Not for a second.


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