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three little pigs.

I guess, at the end of the day, it’s a question of self-confidence. When we were small, they always told us: you’re smart little piglets, you can make it! Work hard, apply yourselves and you’ll get there! And I thought: yes, and pigs will fly! Couldn’t be bothered, too long a shot. But two of my sisters, from the same litter, they took that patronising stuff seriously. They said: we believe in ourselves, we have goals and we’ll make our dreams come true! They left the pigsty and started to hang out with the young horses in the stable. Then they signed up for a personal development course (publicly funded for underprivileged farm animals). And Lisa, next to me, even studied animal behaviour at the community college. They both had massive plastic surgery, kinda shows, right? But look at them now! I bet you took them for two pretty horses. Well, trust me, they’re anything but. Finally, we all ended up on this carousel. Decent work, hours are not too long, pay’s OK. Truth be told, I got the job with their help: they went to the interview, got a contract and told the owner that they can bring their sister too. Imagine the guy’s surprise! But don’t get me wrong, I’m neither jealous nor bitter. They have the looks and I am what I am. And guess who gets the fewest kids to ride on their back!


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