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one-trick pony.

“Cheap looking, but I think it’s in the hundred-euro range. Many colours. Including blue. And yellow. Yellow’s nice in a watch.”
“How’s your cake, Zak?”
“Cake’s good. It tastes good. There’s cream on top. So, the strap is plastic, but the buckle is stainless steel.”
“What are you talking about, Zak?”
“Her watch. The waitress’ watch. It’s not vintage.”
“I see. Could you please concentrate on the cake?”
“It aspires to seem vintage, but it’s not. And the strap loop’s rubber.”
“Aspires to? And which waitress?”
“The one with tattoos. Your nine o’clock. I like a rubber loop on the strap of a plastic watch.”
“Are you finished with that cake?”
“For now, yes. And that’s the only visible item of clothing on her that’s not black.”


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