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The Last Fight (written by AI – like all stories tagged AI)

That night at the pool table he was about to lose everything, money, car, house, even his girlfriend, when he decided to tell her the truth about himself.
She was on vacation with her parents and wouldn’t be back until the next day. He had no money, and it was late, but he was too excited to sleep. So he took out his only weapon, a black plastic bag, and emptied out the contents of his wallet into it. There were two hundred dollars in cash, a picture of his girlfriend, and a key to the car that was parked outside. He took the bag and went up to the second floor, where the head of the family slept. He knocked on the door, and the man called his son to let him in. He told him to go to bed. “I just came to tell you I’m leaving,” he said. “Why?” “I can’t take it anymore.” “What are you talking about?” “It’s not right. It’s not fair. I can’t stand it anymore.” “If you want to leave, leave. But I can’t let you go without a fight. I’m not going to let you just walk away. If you want to leave, we’ll fight. But if you don’t fight, you won’t leave. I won’t let you leave.” They had a final fight.

Claus (c-7)

Technology expert, community builder, coffee addict red wine and food lover, traveller, photography enthusiast and a lot more. Recently experimenting AR/VR model and image generation and AI generated text and poems.